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12 Best Shelving For A Small Bathroom For Better Organized

No one considers shelving until their belongings cannot fit comfortably into a small bathroom, so look no further if you need help finding ideas on the most effective shelving for small bathrooms. Our research team has collected 12 excellent options so that you can find something ideal.

From traditional shelves to more modern options, we have you covered for bathroom shelving solutions! Come take a look and select one or more that best fit the needs of your space!

Best Shelving For A Small Bathroom

1. Traditional Shelving: 

Traditional Shelving

Traditional shelving is an affordable and practical shelving choice made of wood or metal that’s typically popular among households and businesses due to its easy maintenance requirements and varied selection of styles – perfect for book storage or organizing office needs alike! Traditional shelving comes in all sorts of configurations to meet every need – and traditional styles offer flexibility that suits many specific preferences and purposes; whether storing books away for easy accessibility, organizing workspace efficiently or adding style in any setting, traditional shelves make an excellent option!

2. Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves offer an easy solution for creating additional storage space without taking up too much of your home or apartment’s square footage. Suitable for homes or apartments where space is at a premium, floating shelves provide ideal solutions to keeping everyday utilities off of the floor while being easy to install; many home improvement stores carry them for convenient shopping!

3. Cabinet Shelves:

Kitchen and bathroom cabinet shelves are an essential component to keeping items neatly organized. Available in wood, glass and metal materials – selecting cabinet shelves requires thoughtful consideration about which material best meets your storage needs.

4. Over-the-Door Shelves:

Looking to add additional storage space quickly and effortlessly in your home? Over-the-door shelves offer an efficient solution. Placed over any door in your house, over-the-door shelves offer instantaneous solutions for anything from towels to books to shoes; as their installation process is simple. Once in place, you can begin using them immediately!

5. Pedestal Shelves:

Pedestal shelves provide both style and storage to any room of the home. You can use pedestal shelves to display items, store books or other essentials or simply add visual interest – and they come in various styles so it shouldn’t be hard finding one to match existing decor! Plus they’re relatively affordable so adding luxuriousness without breaking the bank should also be achievable with these beautiful shelving options!

6. Recessed Shelves:

Shelving For A Small Bathroom ideas

Recessed shelves offer an easy, space-saving way to add additional storage in any room without taking up too much real estate. Recessed shelves can be used to organize bathroom essentials or display photos or decorative elements – perfect for small spaces that prioritize minimalism! Recessed shelves also make an elegant statement when combined with contemporary or minimalist decor styles.

7. Stackable Shelves:

Stackable shelves provide an efficient way of organizing small bathrooms. Perfect for storing any item you may want in there, stackable shelves come in all different sizes and colours so it will be easy for you to find one to meet your needs and style – plus they stack neatly saving valuable floor space!

8. Hanging Shelves:

Hanging shelves can be great space-savers in small bathrooms as they take up minimal floorspace while offering various materials like wood, metal and glass – this shelving option may just be what’s necessary! This makes one of the top bathroom storage ideas.

9. Free-Standing Shelves:

bathroom storage ideas

Free-standing shelves provide an effective storage solution in any room of the home. Available in an array of styles and sizes to meet individual storage requirements, freestanding shelves can store everything from books and trinkets to clothing and linens – even helping create extra room in an otherwise cramped environment! They’re an easy way to maximize small spaces or divide a larger one.

Free-standing shelves provide the ideal way to showcase and organize the things that matter the most in life, or simply stay tidy.

10. Built-In Shelves:

Are You Searching for Ways to Add Storage Space Without Cluttering Your Floor Space? Built-in shelves may provide the answer! Built-in shelves can easily fit in almost any area in the home and make for convenient places for items. There’s even an assortment of materials you can choose from when selecting built-in shelves; make your best selection.

11. Corner Shelves

Corner shelves can help make efficient use of space in any small bathroom by holding items like soaps, towels and makeup products in their designated places. Plus they add style and personality to any space!

12. Wall-Mounted Shelves:

These wall-mounted shelves can provide extra storage and display space to your small bathroom, making your life much simpler! Installed quickly, wall-mounted shelves offer flexible use that includes holding daily necessities, plants or collectibles as well as providing focal point pieces such as art pieces or family photos for display.


What are typically good storage options for a small bathroom?

There are various bathroom storage solutions designed for smaller spaces available today, some of the more popular being:

– Traditional shelves: Made from wood, metal or glass material they offer classic styling while being customizable for each space in which they reside.

– Corner shelves: Corner shelves can help maximize space in any bathroom with their variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

– Over-the-toilet shelves: These shelves are specifically designed to fit over your toilet and free up space in your bathroom.

– Cabinet shelves: Cabinet shelves provide additional bathroom storage solutions by offering extra shelf space to store towels, toiletries, or any other essentials.

– Wall shelves: Wall shelves offer an easy solution for adding extra storage without taking up floor space. Available in numerous styles and customizable to meet the specific requirements of any given room, wall shelves offer ample opportunity for extra organization without taking over precious square footage.

Can you put average shelves in the bathroom?

Yes, shelves can certainly be added to a bathroom; however, some considerations must be kept in mind before doing so. Make sure they’re made out of material which can withstand moisture. Second, be certain they’re secure against falling off of walls; thirdly ensure they’re not too high off the ground so they are easy for reachability.

What are the best materials for bathroom shelves?

When selecting the ideal material for bathroom shelves, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First is the moisture content of the bathroom itself. The second is the weight of items to store on shelves. And last but not least is the style considerations of your chosen style bathroom.

What size should bathroom shelves be?

Before purchasing bathroom shelves, be sure to measure your space carefully to make sure they will fit comfortably within its confines and leave enough space for any additional trinkets or necessities. Extra toilet paper rolls, candles or any other necessities can easily be stored on these shelves or baskets underneath for convenient access.

What size should bathroom shelves be?

Size matters when choosing shelves for a bathroom – both regarding available space and items to be stored on them. If in doubt about which sizes to purchase, always measure out your area first!


An inviting bathroom space creates both a relaxing start to each day and end to each evening, providing you with an oasis of serenity to start and end each day in. Implement these helpful suggestions into your small bathroom makeover to achieve both goals easily! While practicality should come first when selecting shelves for small bathrooms, don’t overlook style either when shopping around retailers or searching online – find shelves that suit both style and your tastes for optimal storage solutions to complete this makeover project today! With such an abundance of small bathroom storage ideas readily available it won’t take much imagination either to begin organizing this makeover project today!

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