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How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last? – 8 Tips to Boost Battery Life of Ring Doorbell

As soon as you set up your Ring doorbell, a red flashing light may become apparent every few seconds. This serves as the battery life indicator and should light up as soon as you press the power button before gradually dimming over time. In most cases, batteries typically last six months before starting to diminish in performance; but by properly using it you may never know exactly how long does ring doorbell battery last in your home!

At Lifefork, we uncovered some valuable tips on how to extend the lifespan of a ring doorbell more quickly. Read more!

8 Tips to Boost the Battery Life of Ring Doorbell

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1. Replace batteries at least every six months

The battery lifespan for a Ring doorbell battery typically lasts around six months before beginning to show signs of diminished performance, dropping by up to 50% in just six months. If your doorbell stops functioning as intended, then its performance could have decreased substantially by this point – so if its performance decreases drastically in that period then blame the battery. To prolong its longevity further and extend its lifetime remove and store your Ring doorbell when not in use as this will help preserve its charge and extend its lifespan further.

Change the battery of your Ring doorbell every six months in order to extend its lifespan and prolong battery life. Doing this yourself only takes minutes if you own a Video Doorbell Pro model; for older models, you should seek professional advice instead.

2. Do not misuse your doorbell for other functions.

How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last

Doors are meant for human interaction; turning your doorbell into a security camera, intercom system, etc. would only serve to complicate things and may result in it breaking altogether – not to mention potentially necessitating multiple units for each function!

3. Do not continuously activate the doorbell

A doorbell ringing is caused by an electrical impulse travelling along wires to your phone. Once unplugged, its battery stops this impulse; leaving the doorbell plugged in can drain its batteries quickly reducing performance or eventually making the unit no longer functional altogether. To prevent this issue from arising again, disconnect it immediately when finished using it or temporarily unplug it while using another one; doing this will extend its battery’s lifespan significantly.

4. Utilize Weather-sensitive Door Chimes

Your Ring doorbell comes equipped with an insensitive default chime that may disturb neighbours in harsher climates. However, this can easily be altered into a more muted siren sound for added peace of mind and to ensure that it does not disturb their tranquillity.

5. Establish an Away Mode using a Key Fob

If your Ring doorbell stops functioning properly, take advantage of this feature to use its remaining functions. When someone presses their key fob button, your Ring doorbell will ring with an alert so you know it is safe to come home.

Your Ring doorbell allows you to get notifications whenever someone presses the button on their key fob, as well as choose what type of notification will come through.

Your doorbell can notify you of visitors or when packages have arrived.

6. Reduce notifications in order to conserve battery power

How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last

Chances are, your doorbell might be sending too many notifications. Any notification that disrupts your daily schedule has the potential to drain battery life significantly; to help preserve its life expectancy, try limiting how often notifications come through.

Ring offers various options to manage notifications on your doorbell, such as muzzling them, selecting who you would like notifications from and activating Do Not Disturb (DND).

7. Verify all wiring and electrical outlets

Your Ring doorbell could stop working properly if its wires aren’t connected properly; make sure they are connected securely before plugging the device into an electrical outlet. If your doorbell suddenly stops functioning as intended, check its wiring.

Your doorbell could have an issue with its wires or outlets, and/or you could try changing out its battery. Keep in mind, however, that these steps should only be undertaken if your doorbell stops working; otherwise, it would be best to leave it alone and return later when necessary.

Bonus Tip:

Follow these steps to quickly extend the battery life of your ring doorbell: When possible, use its motion sensor to conserve battery. Upon arrival home, unplug it from an electrical outlet and remove its base before unplugging any devices connected by old or rechargeable batteries such as those using AAA or similarly-sized types from its base if possible; replace any required with fresh ones and avoid AAA types altogether if at all possible.


Ring doorbells can be an invaluable addition to your home and offer your family extra protection from various dangers. Not only is ring doorbell installation straightforward and user-friendly, but its battery will only last so long before wear-and-tear wears down its features and reduces battery usage altogether. Therefore, follow these simple steps daily in order to maximize battery longevity and take full advantage of what this device can offer you and extend its useful lifespan and feature set.

Do you have any new tips to share on how long does ring doorbell battery last? Share them in the below comment box!

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