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How To Refill Paintball Tank At Home? – CO2 VS HPA Tank Difference

As an adventurous paintball player, refilling your tank before every round can be a daunting task that must be undertaken safely. To refill a paintball tank, you will require basic supplies; follow our How To Refill Paintball Tank At Home guide on how to refill paintball tanks so you can be back playing ASAP – take stock before beginning and follow these simple steps for success.

What Is A Paintball Tank?

How To Refill Paintball Tank At Home

A Paintball Tank is one of the essential pieces of equipment needed in paintball games. It propels paintballs through the air at high speeds while simultaneously extending your playing session without stopping to reload between games. To maintain the proper working condition of a tank, it is vitally important that players know how to refill paintball tanks when necessary.

Step By Step To Refilling Your Paintball Tank

best way to refill paint ball tank

Filling your paintball tank may seem straightforward, but there are some key points you need to keep in mind before beginning this task.

  • Make sure you have the following items on hand before you begin:
  • A fill adapter that is compatible with your tank
  • Paintballs
  • CO2 canister

Follow these steps to refill your paintball tank:

 Step 1. Check Your Tank’s PSI Indicator:

As your initial step, ensure your tank has adequate pressure – most tanks feature a PSI indicator to display current pressure readings.

 Step 2. Screw in the Fill Adapter:

Take your fill adapter and screw it tightly onto the valve on your tank’s fill port to prevent air from escaping. Make sure this connection cannot leak at any point!

 Step 3. Open the Valve on the CO2 Canister:

Just be careful when opening the valve on your CO2 canister slowly not to release too much gas too fast and freeze your fill adapter! As soon as the valve opens, you should hear a hissing sound as soon as the gas starts flowing.

Step 4. Fill the Tank:

Position the canister upright, and let gas enter your tank until its pressure reaches your desired fill pressure (most tanks offer up to an 800 PSI maximum fill pressure).

Step 5. Remove the Fill Adapter and Replace the Tank Cap:

Once your tank has been filled, remove and unfasten the fill adapter before replacing the tank cap firmly to ensure no air escapes from under it. Ensure all vents remain closed as this could allow any escape of air into your system.

Tip for Refilling Paintball Tank: Here is our Top Safety Reminder when Refilling your Tank:

To prevent accidental paintball shootings, always ensure the barrel of your gun points towards the ground when taking out your CO2 tank.

Once your pressure from your tank has been released using a standard valve adaptor and draining it completely onto a scale… you must connect its end to its new refill source and watch as its supply valve gradually opens, slowly raising your scales as its scale slowly fills with air again. Make sure only small releases occur at any one time to stay within recommended levels; fill your tank beyond recommended levels at your peril!

Close both valves on your tank and supply source when your supply source reaches capacity, and disconnect your tank. A cap may be placed atop its now emptied shell to store for future use or reattach it directly onto your marker to get back playing immediately.

Difference Between CO2 vs HPA Paintball Tanks

best way to refill paint ball tank

Paintball tanks are one of the key pieces of equipment required for playing paintball, storing compressed air or CO2, which powers markers and propels paintballs forward.

There are two major types of tanks – CO2 and HPA (High-Pressure Air). Each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks; understanding this difference before purchasing is key to making an informed decision.

CO2 tanks are the more commonly seen tanks on the market and tend to be cheaper. Refills for CO2 can easily be found, though its usage in cold temperatures could cause your marker to freeze up compared to HPA, which lasts much longer and does not freeze over as easily.

HPA tanks may cost more but are less likely to freeze your marker and provide consistent airflow, making them an excellent option for serious paintball players. Unfortunately, however, these tanks may be challenging to source and refill.

1. How to Fill High Pressure Air (HPA) Tank with Air Compressor?

An air compressor is the easiest and least costly way to fill an HPA tank, available from most hardware stores at reasonable costs. Ensure it has explicitly been rated to do this task; protecting your tank should always come first!

Follow these Steps To Fill Your Tank With an Air Compressor

  • Connect the air compressor to your HPA tank.
  • Please turn on the air compressor and allow it to hot fill your tank.
  • Once the tank is full, please unplug and switch off your air compressor before disconnecting it from your tank.
  • Verify the correct pressure by checking the gauge to maintain the appropriate pressure in your tank.
  • Repeat these steps if your tank remains incompletely filled.

2. How to Fill CO2 Tank with Air Compressor?

Filling a CO2 tank is similar to filling an HPA one, though there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind. First and foremost is using an air compressor designed for CO2 tanks, as this ensures its regulator prevents CO2 from harming the compressed air tank itself.

 Follow these steps to fill your tank with an air compressor:

  • Connect the air compressor to the CO2 tank.
  • Please turn the air compressor on and allow it to fill your tank.
  • Once the tank is full, please turn it off and disconnect your air compressor.
  • Check the pressure gauge regularly to make sure the tank has reached the appropriate pressure.
  • Repeat these steps if your tank still requires completion.

Advantages to refilling paintball tank

  • It is less expensive to refill your paintball tank than it is to buy new ones.
  • You can control the quality of the paint that goes into your tank.
  • Refilling your tank is a great way to be self-sufficient and prepared for any game.

Disadvantages of Refilling Paintball Tank

  • Filling your paintball tank has its share of disadvantages; perhaps most significant is its time- and effort-intensive process. Before beginning, however, you must collect all necessary supplies, such as an air canister.
  • Always be cautious when handling and connecting a canister to your tank; improper connection could create an unsafe situation that needs close monitoring to ensure everything proceeds as planned.


Can You Fill Paintball Tank With an Air Compressor?

No. To fill a paintball tank you will require an air compressor specifically designed to fill high-pressure tanks; regular compressors must have more powerful motors with all necessary attachments for filling paintball tanks.

 Where can I fill up my paintball CO2 tank?

Fill up your paintball CO2 tanks at local sporting goods stores or paintball shops; some hardware and oxygen supply stores also sell CO2, although they may need special equipment in order to refill paintball tanks properly.

 How much does it cost to fill up a paintball CO2 tank?

Filling up a paintball CO2 scuba tank varies in price depending on its location and size, typically costing anywhere between $3 to $5 to fill a small tank and between $5-10 when dealing with larger CO2 tanks.

 Where can I fill up my paintball CO2 tank?

Fill your CO2 tank at any gas station, sporting goods store or paintball shop nearby – some hardware stores also sell CO2, although you may require the appropriate equipment in order to fill scuba tanks effectively.

What kind of air compressor Do I need to fill paintball tanks?

Fill your paintball air tanks efficiently by investing in a high-pressure air compressor designed specifically to fill high-pressure tanks – these compressors don’t compare with regular desktop air compressors found at hardware stores!

What is the role of the paintball tank in the game?

Paintball tanks are essential pieces of equipment in the sport of paintball, holding compressed air tanks that power markers (paintball guns). Your tank determines how many shots can be fired before needing refilling; roughly speaking each shot uses about 1/3rd of CO2, so with 20-ounce tanks provide approximately 60 shots.

Is it OK to leave air in the paintball tank?

At least once every seven days, it is recommended to release pressure and empty out your paintball tank to prevent moisture build-up which may damage paintballs and derail gameplay. Doing this also keeps any potential safety risks to a minimum.


This guide has shown you how to effectively refill a paintball tank. Start by gathering all necessary supplies before following these easy steps for a successful refill; with some practice and dedication, you’ll soon be back playing paintball again!

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